Posted March 15th, 2023

What Is A Dental Assistant Salary In Arizona?

Are you looking to switch careers but unsure what a dental assistant salary in Arizona looks like? If dental assisting interests you, we have all the answers to what you can earn in the dental field.

A job as a dental assistant can provide an excellent wage when practiced in Arizona. Your dental assistant salary in Arizona will, of course, depend on which city you work in, but there are some average numbers we can look at. First, let's take a look at what dental assistants do and why it's such an excellent career choice!

What Does a Dental Assistant in Arizona Do?

Before jumping into any new career, knowing your salary and responsibilities are essential, right? Aside from knowing what a dental assistant salary per hour would be, knowing what you'll be doing is equally important.

There are many duties a dental assistant performs, including taking patient medical histories, preparing patients for procedures, sterilizing and disinfecting equipment, assisting with dental procedures, and more. Additionally, dental assistants may need to perform administrative duties such as scheduling appointments, processing insurance claims, and maintaining patient records.

The job of a dental assistant in Arizona is very important. It requires commitment and dedication to providing quality care for patients. If you're looking for a rewarding and fun career, becoming a dental assistant in Arizona could be the perfect fit!

What is the Average Salary for a Dental Assistant in Phoenix, Arizona?

Now that you better understand what a dental assistant in Arizona does, let's talk numbers.

As of May 2021, dental assistants earned an annual mean wage of $42,810 or $20.58 per hour in Phoenix, Arizona. (1)

What Factors Impact Your Salary Range?

As a dental assistant, salary range can be impacted by various factors, such as education and experience. Education can significantly affect the salary of a dental assistant; those with higher education levels or specialized certifications may be eligible for higher wages.

Additionally, experience is an essential factor in salary range; those working in the field for many years will usually make more than those just starting. Location is another critical factor that affects salary. Typically, more prominent cities offer better compensation than rural areas or small towns. Finally, shifts worked and type of practice (private or public) can also impact salary potential.

Overall, the salary for a dental assistant will depend on the factors mentioned above and other individual characteristics. It is crucial to research salary ranges for dental assistants in your area to know what salary you can expect. Additionally, talking with experienced dental assistants may help you gain more insight into salary range and potential career opportunities.

What is a Dental Assistant Salary in Phoenix, Arizona, Compared to Nearby Cities and States?

Now that you better understand what a dental assistant in Arizona does, let's talk numbers.

In nearby cities and states, a dental assistant salary will be similar to that of Phoenix. For example, working as a dental assistant in Mesa and Scottsdale, Arizona, offers the same dental assistant salary as Phoenix, Arizona, where the annual mean wage is $42,810 or $20.58 per hour. (1) In Lake Havasu City and Kingman, AZ, the annual mean wage is $39,200 or $18.85 for a dental assistant salary. (1)

In comparison, the average dental assistant salary in New Mexico is slightly lower, with an annual mean wage of $37,790 or $18.17 per hour. And in Utah, the annual mean salary is $35,210 or $16.93 per hour for a dental assistant.

As you can see, dental assistants in Phoenix, Arizona, can make a relatively competitive salary compared to nearby cities and states, so it's a great place to start your new career. If you've ever considered becoming a dental assistant in Arizona, now is a great time to start.

5 Ways to Improve Your Dental Assistant Salary in Arizona

As you gain experience in your dental assistant role, it's natural to consider the many pathways available for increasing your salary. Here are a few of those possibilities to help you maximize your earning potential!

  1. Become a Certified Dental Assistant

  2. Training to become a certified dental assistant at an esteemed school in Phoenix, AZ, can drastically raise your odds of obtaining lucrative pay in this field. Finding a dental assistant program that offers certification and comprehensive training is one of the best ways to improve your salary potential as a dental assistant.

  3. Get Hands-on Training

  4. Investing in hands-on training to become a dental assistant is a wise decision to give you an advantage when seeking employment. Not only do employers want to see this type of experience, but it can also improve your salary offerings and provide invaluable skills from day one! Practical application of knowledge is essential in this profession, so be sure to find a school that offers this type of learning environment.

  5. Take on More Responsibility in Your Dental Assistant Role

  6. A great way to increase your salary as a dental assistant is to find ways to take on more responsibilities as you become more comfortable with your role. The more valuable you are to a dental practice, the more they will be willing to compensate you for your skills and knowledge.

  7. Specialize as an Orthodontic Dental Assistant or Oral Surgery Assistant

  8. When you specialize in a particular area of dentistry, you can significantly increase your value as a dental assistant, enabling you to request a higher salary. The more skilled and experienced you are in a specific type of dentistry, the higher the demand for your skillset will be.

  9. Expand Your Education and Knowledge in the Dental Field

  10. It's always a good idea to continue your dental assistant education so you can become as knowledgeable as possible. Educating yourself on as many topics in dentistry as possible will help you to stand out among those in your profession, making you more valuable to dental offices everywhere. You may even choose to go on to become a dentist.

Start a Career as a Dental Assistant at Phoenix Dental Assistant School

There are plenty of dental offices in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, which is excellent news for an aspiring dental assistant! Dental assisting in Phoenix might be the perfect fit if you want to find your place in a field full of opportunities. Learn more about our 12-week Phoenix Dental Assistant School program, including tuition and payment plan options.

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